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  • k-lenda: IBIZA and FORMENTERA in your hands

    Apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android: K-Lenda

    • Ibiza and Formentera: Events, Landmarks, Routes, Maps, Reminders and a lot more -> Ibiza and Formentera in your hands !
    • See the App in the Apple Store
    • See the App in the Google Play Store
    • Privacy Policy
  • splat me ibiza game

    Apps for iPhone (iOS): Splat me

    • Easy game splat me, hit me type.
    • Audio from Setuniman on Freesound and Altemark also on Freesound.
    • See the game
    • Privacy Policy
  • Kids book for iPad: The Penguins of Popsicle Falls

    Apps for iPad (iOS): The Penguins of Popsicle Falls

    • A nice story about 2 happy Penguins.
    • Audio from Setuniman on Freesound.
    • See the book
    • Privacy Policy
  • Mr tribe app game ibiza

    Apps for iPhone (iOS): Mr. Tribe

    • The carachter of this game is inspired in Chinese typo and created by SoundOfInk. The background images are inspired by Chinese landscapes.
    • Music from: Mike Koenig (Balloon), Mark di Angelo (Blop), Snottyboy (Jump)
    • See the game
    • Privacy Policy
  • tribe shooter game, ibiza app game

    Apps for iPhone (iOS): Tribe Shooter

    • The carachters are inspired in Chinese typo and created by SoundOfInk.The background images are Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell in Ibiza.
    • Background Music used under a Creative Commons License from UniqueTracks Inc.
    • Whip sound Recorded by Mike Koenig
    • See the game
    • Privacy Policy


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