Launching a new digital product ?

If you are thinking of launching a new digital product, here are a few things to bear in mind: tips on pricing, support, marketing … There always seems to be room for improvement or thinking you could have done it better in certain areas that are involved when you launch a brand new product or…

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About Gamification

I think we all are ready to recognize known patterns and happy to use them along different platforms or paths because we know where they lead us to. The Motivator-Object of desire list as basic motivators (power-influence, curiosity-knowledge, acceptance-be part of a group, saving-collecting things, status-social standing …) that footprint them somehow can be applied…

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Some web considerations: speed

Real speed and perceived speed, try to put them both together as part of good web performance because site speed is something to check out all the time, site speed is key for sooooooo… many good reasons and a lot has been written lately about speeding up your website by fine-tuning and tweaking the backend…

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Web development, ecommerce

In Hop&Up we are dedicated to Web design & development, e-commerce usable websites, App development all together with analytics, engagement & social reputation. Once we get a website up and running, we go over many issues and analytics to keep improving and tweaking it. Everything has a reason and a strategy behind. We first focus…

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Digital Agency Consultants

We tend to start by understanding your brand, your current customers and the potential ones, designing an approach that is based around your business targets and setting up a strategy. We will come up with a digital marketing plan based on our creativity and technical excellence that helps you find and connect with the customers.…

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Inbound online marketing

Trying to put the relationship ahead of conversions is maybe a better option, but we are aware that we also need conversions. As a digital marketing agency we know we must deliver on our promises. To listen and respond with action making a connection with personality and build an emotional connection are some of our…

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Web development with a strategy in mind

In Hop&Up we are dedicated to Web development with a strategy in mind, that is Software dedicated to improve your online presence. We sometimes also like to incorporate some Gamification details to wherever we might consider useful either to the Web or when developing an App for your company.…

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